Meet the Bride | Kylie | 2017

This beautiful bride may look familiar to you! I just photographed her and her new husband's wedding in mid-December, and have finally found some time to share her GORGEOUS bridal session. ( I promise I am not slacking, I have been sick and trying to catch up on all the fun stuff that owning your own business entails!) 

Kylie-Bridal Yemassee SC Old Sheldon Church Ruins Beaufort, SC

  Kylie currently lives in the scenic Low Country of South Carolina, one of my favorite places in the world, also known as home! So, it's safe to say it's pretty important to me. We deliberated over a few different areas to capture this sweet moment in her life, and finally decided on the beautiful ruins of Old Sheldon Church in Yemassee, SC, just a hop, skip and jump from Beaufort. We picked a perfect day to photograph these as there wasn't many tourist visiting the site, and the weather was to die for; to say we were blessed is a total understatement. I seriously could not have asked for better day. 

Kylie's dress was very special and sentimental. The under layer was part of her aunt's wedding gown, and was then embellished with a lace overlay and added intricate beading around the waist. It had the prettiest train, and add in her long cathedral veil, perfection! I absolutely love veils, they add a fun touch of detail to portraits! And if you're not going to wear a veil, make sure to bring along a bouquet for your portraits! This just adds additional possibilities for your bridal portrait session! 

Kylie was such a sweet bride to work with, and I am so excited for her and Trey. Take a look back at her bridal session and leave her some sweet words! 

Kylie Floyd (Brown) Bridal Portraits Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Do you have a favorite place you'd take your bridal portraits if you had the chance? Or where did you have yours photographed?! I love hearing of all the fun places brides choose! I would love to hear from you! 

Meet the Bump | Jessie S. | Maternity 2018

If you read my last blog or you live anywhere in the southeast, you'll know we ended up with a ton of snow last week! After venturing out in the snow with my sweet EvaJean, I got a wild idea to find someone crazy enough to let me photograph them in the snow. I have a love for maternity portraits, and when I posted on Facebook looking for someone, I had a lot of interest! I could seriously photograph maternity photos all. the. time. There is something just so amazingly beautiful about becoming a mom. If there is one thing I could tell all new moms, it would be to preserve these moments, they go so quickly, and what we do as women, is nothing short of miraculous. There is no such thing as an "ugly/fat pregnant woman". I hear that often from moms who are on the fence about booking a maternity session, expressing that they don't want to remember themselves being "fat and tired"; because, let me tell you, you are not you are gorgeous and glowing, sometimes it's just hard for us to see that. 

Ultimately, my sweet friend, Jessie, decided to head over and let me capture her and her precious bump! I keep a few maternity gowns on hand, and she picked the prettiest royal purple to wear, which looked absolutely amazing on her! She seriously rocked this session. It wasn't just a little cold either, it was very, very cold! In between positions she would bundle up, but we eventually just kept moving and finished up in less than 40 minutes. We shot around my property, and the snow just emphasized the beautiful area that much more. I seriously love where I live. 

Jessie is due with baby Ryker in roughly two months, we had already planned to capture this sweet moment in her life, and seriously lucked out with all this beautiful snow. I am so excited to get to meet the little fella very soon and thrilled to be adding another sweet baby to our little circle! Baring the cold was completely worth it in my book, and I would do it again if we ever get another snow storm! I am so thankful for Jessie being willing to come out and freeze for me. 

Send Jessie some sweet comments and love below! And keep checking in for Ryker's blog post in the next couple of months! 

Jessie Shipp-Baby Bump- Summerton,SC

Snow Day| EvaJean | 2018

As many of you know, we experienced quite a snow storm last week! What better way to enjoy those snow days, and the many inches of snow that we never get to see in the South East, but with a winter snow session!

I was sitting in my warm, cozy home on Wednesday, anticipating the snow fall. I waited and waited and figured it would just miss us. I had not really been keeping up with the weather patterns, but had heard from Facebook that we may actually get some major snow fall. The sky finally opened up later afternoon and the snow began pouring. It was amazing! EvaJean had just woke up from her afternoon nap, and I knew I didn't want to miss documenting her first snow experience. I bundled her up and we headed outside. We managed to stay outside for less than 10 minutes, once her hands hit the snow, she was over it. I was able to capture a few sweet portraits of her in that short time frame, and I am so glad I took the opportunity to take her outside. We ran back in and enjoyed the remainder of the snow from inside. Check out some of EvaJean's snowy portraits. Isn't she the cutest little snow bunny?!

Summerton, South Carolina- Snow storm 2018