Baby Battyl | Fresh 48 | 2018

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a brand spanking new baby; that sweet, fresh baby smell that comes straight from Heaven and fills the whole room. Today I was able to meet this precious baby boy, Battyl. His momma and daddy, Jessie and Paul, have been anxiously waiting his arrival, and it seemed like he was in absolutely no rush. Jessie was overdue by a week, and I know she was ready to just hold him and snuggle him. But, late Wednesday night, he blessed his whole family with his grand entrance. Jessie had seriously been in labor since Tuesday, she was super woman getting through this whole delivery and I am so proud of her! 


Babies change so much in the first few weeks of life, and as a mom, I know this all too well. Coming into the hospital and photographing a baby after merely hours of being born is so precious to me. I wish I could photograph all the babies, all the time. What I love most about Fresh 48 sessions, is the simplicity of them; no props or special outfits, just a sweet swaddled baby with mom/dad, and any other special family members. 

This session took place at McLeod Clarendon in Manning, South Carolina. The halls of the labor and delivery floor were pretty quiet; perfect for sleepy babies and tired mommas. Jessie's sister, Kristin was there keeping Jessie company while I took photos, and shortly after Jessie's grandma came in and spent some time with her and Battyl. I will say, there is definitely no shortage of love for this little one. He is so very loved by so many people, he just hasn't the slightest idea yet. 

I am so thankful to have Jessie and Paul in my life, and now baby Battyl! He will make the perfect addition to our kid circle! And boy is it growing at a rapid pace. I am so excited to see all our babies grow up close together.

Take a look at his session below and leave some love for Jessie and Paul as new parents! 

Stay tuned for Battyl's in home session, happening in the next couple of weeks. 


EvaJean | First Birthday Party | 2018

As I attempt to catch up on my blog, I decided to show some of my real life happenings. I don't always spend time behind the camera, in fact, I try to be very much present in life moments, especially since time flies. Case in point, my sweet girl turned ONE! We celebrated her birthday a few days after she officially turned one, due to my crazy schedule. But we definitely had a great time. We were surrounded by so many sweet friends and family members, some I hadn't seen in quite a while. To say we are blessed with wonderful souls on both side of mine and Nic's family would be an understatement. EvaJean sure was spoiled by all that attended and I am pretty sure she had a blast. I handed my camera over to my sisters, and let them stand in for me. I will say, they tried. haha! It is so interesting to see and edit the perspective of someone else, and it's crazy that with the same tools, we get varying results. But again, they tried their best and ended up getting some great photos for us to hold onto as we celebrate more and more birthdays.

I am a minimalist when it comes to a lot of things in my life. I try to take a frugal approach to most things, and utilize things I already have (aka, ballin' on a budget). A lot of the decor I used for EvaJean's party were actually items I used for my wedding. Like the lace table clothes, and the cake stands, along with frames of my favorite portraits of her. Her precious party dress was DotDotSmile, and I actually ordered it around the time she was roughly 3 months old. I used it as inspiration for colors and theme. Her smash cake and cupcakes were baked by our local bakery in Summerton, The Cookie Box, owned and operated by Leslie LeMense, and y'all, her cakes do not disappoint. I may or may not have eaten about 3-4 cupcakes myself (but we will blame that on pregnancy...) The cutest little sugar cookies were baked and decorated by Lil' Bitz Bakery, owned and operated by Laura Thomas out of Manning. EvaJean's sweet tooth was confirmed by the amount of tiny cookies she ate, but seriously, it's hard to eat just one little cookie! They might be little, but they sure do pack a delicious punch! The rest of the food was catered by Sugar Hill BBQ out of Manning, and if you like fried chicken, they make some of the best along with their barbecue. I think we all ate way more than we should have, but it was delicious comfort food and hit the spot. 

All in all, EvaJean was surrounded by people who love her tiny little self so much. We could not  have asked for a better day to celebrate her first year of life. 

Check out EvaJean's birthday party below, courtesy of Stephanie Huneycutt and Sara Anderson!

 Telling her Mimi "No!"

Telling her Mimi "No!"

 Sharing her cake with Mimi and cousin, Pierce (notice the icing swiped off the side of the cake.)

Sharing her cake with Mimi and cousin, Pierce (notice the icing swiped off the side of the cake.)

 It's not a party unless we throw a small tantrum. 

It's not a party unless we throw a small tantrum. 

 She's a true daddy's girl. She loves him!

She's a true daddy's girl. She loves him!

 It's safe to say she was worn out! She put herself to bed, and slept alllll night!    

It's safe to say she was worn out! She put herself to bed, and slept alllll night! 


Tara + Rodney | A Parris Island, South Carolina Valentines Wedding


Tara and Rodney's wedding day took place at Traditions on Parris Island, in Beaufort, South Carolina. If you aren't familiar with Parris Island, it is actually the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. If you enlist east of the Mississippi, chances are you will train at Parris Island, and all female Marine recruits train here as well! (I didn't know this until I did some research, I think that's pretty cool!) Parris Island is beautiful and full of history. Before approaching the main gates of the island, you cross over the Broad River, which you can see gorgeous views of the waterway. Once on the island, it can get pretty tricky if you aren't good with directions (like me!). Traditions is at the far end of the island, and sits adjacent a tranquil marsh view. 


The ceremony took place in a little, white gazebo outside, with roughly 6 or so rows of chairs to accommodate the small guest list. Tara had two bridesmaids dressed in gorgeous wine red floor length gowns, and her beautiful little girl as a flower girl dressed in an elegant white dress. Rodney had two groomsmen as well, dressed in gray suits, and they sure did look sharp! The weather was perfect, and for a February day, it wasn't cold the least! Tara was walked down the aisle by her father, and greeted her handsome groom, Rodney, at the gazebo. The ceremony was intimate and sweet, officiated by Wally Tedrick. I have photographed other weddings that Wally has officiated and they are always executed perfectly.


The reception was decorated in red and white! It was very elegant and classy. The caterers with Traditions did a phenomenal job with the food, cake and decor. The reception also included a great DJ, Donna Patrick, with Veteran's Pride Entertainment Services, and did not disappoint with the upbeat music to keep guests on the dance floor. A great DJ or band is key to a fun filled reception! Tara was even able to FaceTime with her grandparents who were not able to attend the day, we were able to include them in the memories though, which was a great little touch for their albu