Oh-fish-ally My Favorite | EvaJean

Majority of my monthly sessions with EvaJean are extremely unplanned and impromptu, and this months mini session was no different. I was digging through the boxes of clothes EvaJean has and came across these cute little overalls. She's about to grow out of them, so I didn't want to miss an opportunity for her to wear them. While she napped, I ran out side to find a branch to make into a fishing pole (I even sanded it to ensure we didn't end up with splinters!) , plundered through all of Nic's fishing gear and opened a can of a green beans to make a can of worms (we did eat them later...). We headed over to Taw Caw Park to have a perfect background for fishing photos! I love these sweet photos of my baby girl for her 7 month milestone photos. We will be doing some more sweet photos this month for Halloween too! Stay tuned!