The Apple of My Eye | EvaJean

My sweet girl, EvaJean, hasn't had a day where the camera wasn't in her face, whether it be my iPhone or my Nikon. I am constantly trying to put together fun little mini sessions for her each month, either because she has a cute outfit or I have a cute prop. But, this particular day was honestly because the sun was peeking so softly into our front room through the window and I didn't want to waste it. I gathered some apples from the fridge, dug through EvaJean's enormous wardrobe to find a darling dress, and put together a chalkboard; and of course, no session is complete without Bunny. Easy Peasy. We were in business. We dashed outside and set up, because I knew I had mere minutes to take these portraits before she had a drama queen melt down. Y'all, when I say minutes, we were seriously outside for less than 10. But, I managed to get some sweet photos of my babe. I thoroughly enjoy our little impromptu photo sessions, and so glad I have the opportunity and ability to capture these precious moments. The next few months of "EvaJean minis" are going to be extra special. I can't wait to put them together. Stay tuned for more of my sweetness!