Baby Battyl | Fresh 48 | 2018

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a brand spanking new baby; that sweet, fresh baby smell that comes straight from Heaven and fills the whole room. Today I was able to meet this precious baby boy, Battyl. His momma and daddy, Jessie and Paul, have been anxiously waiting his arrival, and it seemed like he was in absolutely no rush. Jessie was overdue by a week, and I know she was ready to just hold him and snuggle him. But, late Wednesday night, he blessed his whole family with his grand entrance. Jessie had seriously been in labor since Tuesday, she was super woman getting through this whole delivery and I am so proud of her! 


Babies change so much in the first few weeks of life, and as a mom, I know this all too well. Coming into the hospital and photographing a baby after merely hours of being born is so precious to me. I wish I could photograph all the babies, all the time. What I love most about Fresh 48 sessions, is the simplicity of them; no props or special outfits, just a sweet swaddled baby with mom/dad, and any other special family members. 

This session took place at McLeod Clarendon in Manning, South Carolina. The halls of the labor and delivery floor were pretty quiet; perfect for sleepy babies and tired mommas. Jessie's sister, Kristin was there keeping Jessie company while I took photos, and shortly after Jessie's grandma came in and spent some time with her and Battyl. I will say, there is definitely no shortage of love for this little one. He is so very loved by so many people, he just hasn't the slightest idea yet. 

I am so thankful to have Jessie and Paul in my life, and now baby Battyl! He will make the perfect addition to our kid circle! And boy is it growing at a rapid pace. I am so excited to see all our babies grow up close together.

Take a look at his session below and leave some love for Jessie and Paul as new parents! 

Stay tuned for Battyl's in home session, happening in the next couple of weeks.