Erin + Jeffrey | Sumter, South Carolina | Wedding 2018

For the weeks leading up to Erin and Jeffrey’s wedding day, I kept a watchful eye on the weather. For some reason, our typically beautiful South Carolina May weather has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain. All I wanted was a few hours of sunshine or even a cloudy or overcast day for the big day! 

I went ahead and prepared myself for rain just in case it came down to it. But, wouldn’t you know, the Friday before the wedding, the chance of rain decreased tremendously! There was still some concern that it may sprinkle a bit, but not a drop was in sight the entire day! It ended up being a gorgeous day, with a slight breeze too! 

The wedding was held at LinRan Farm in Sumter, South Carolina and was decorated by Sharon and Bobbi McIntosh; everything, from the floral arbor to the centerpieces and bouquets, was so classically elegant and flowed so well together. At the venue, Erin and her five bridesmaids got ready in a quaint bridal suite just off the main farm house, while Jeffrey and his groomsmen hung out in the pool house. This venue was exceptionally beautiful; this was my first time working at this venue and it did not disappoint. It has so many picturesque opportunities and locations.  It was definitely a pleasure to shoot there. 

The ceremony was held on the front lawn, looking down the long dirt road that leads guests onto the property; and the reception was held behind the house amongst the pool house and a cute pond! There were even some geese that came out during the reception, probably because they smelled the delicious food that was prepared by Matt Evans and his team. The celebration of Erin and Jeffrey continued with the help of DJ Howie D out of Sumter, South Carolina. DJ Howie kept the night flowing and the party rocking (which is what a great DJ should do!) Not only did he keep the guests entertained with good music, he even played a few games with Erin and Jeffrey that were hilarious! (Check out those photos below!) 

The night ended with a little twist on both the garter and bouquet tosses, which was also pretty funny! Erin and Jeffrey definitely had some great guests who joined in on the fun and made the evening entertaining. 

The newlyweds eventually made their way through a sea of sparklers formed by their family and friends, and it was seriously perfection! Don’t believe look for yourself! 

I believe Erin and Jeffrey’s day was exceptionally wonderful! I had so much fun working with both families and getting to spend this special time with them. Leave Erin and Jeffrey some love below in the comments and enjoy a small preview from their big day!