Meet the Cokers | Allison and Dylan | Barrineau, SC

This was such a fun wedding to photograph; from the silly first look that Allison arranged with Dylan’s best man, to Allison’s father having the memorable opportunity to marry Allison and Dylan, to the surprise all white candy bar set out at the reception.

Allison and Dylan had a stunningly beautiful white wedding in Barrineau, South Carolina, at Barrineau Pentecostal Holiness Church, where Allison’s father is the head pastor. Talk about a sweet ceremony, so precious and so intimate, her father not only walked her down the aisle but was able to also take the place of marrying Allison and Dylan. I absolutely love when a family member, let alone a father, gets the honor of marrying the bride and groom; it makes the ceremony that more personal, especially since the officiant can usually tell fun stories of the bride and groom. Allison’s daddy did not disappoint. It was such a great ceremony and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The silliest moment during the day had to be Dylan’s best man dressing up in a Good Will wedding gown and make shift veil ( I think it was actually the bag the dress came in). He sure was fancy though in that dress! We all died of laughter, I am sure of it. Dylan’s reaction was perfection! I need to find the video that was taken during that reveal, I am sure that is even funnier to see it in live action! haha!

And let’s talk about their reception, I am in love with how they transformed the fellowship hall at the church, with all the white linens and gorgeous white and green floral arrangements; talk about being straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine! I was in love. And let’s also not forget the foyer tables turned into candy bars, with all the white candy you can imagine! This was a literal sweet surprise for Allison and Dylan and was a huge hit! What a great idea, especially if you love all the chocolate and sugar you can imagine. The attention to detail for the reception was exquisite, the floral arrangements alone were utterly amazing! I can only imagine the time it took to perfect every arrangement.

It was literally the perfect day, for a perfect wedding. We ended the day with a bubble send off and some gorgeous bride and groom photos. Check out that red car that we were able to borrow for the portraits, suh-weet! We literally couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, the Lord sure did bless us all with amazing light and weather.

Take a peek at Allison and Dylan’s wedding day, and ooh and ahh with me again!