To My Sweet EvaJean on Her 1st Birthday | 2018


It’s currently after midnight, as I write this entry for my blog, and to be honest, it will probably consist of a lot of run on sentences.... But, this is an exciting entry, at least for me it is! At 3:09am, February 27, 2017, my world changed, for the better, and her name is EvaJean. I will never forget the hours leading up to her arrival, and it’s so crazy to think that at this point last year I was in full blown labor, trying my hardest to overcome the pain that is birth. But, I will tell you, every last ounce of pain I endured was more than worth it. Every sleepless night, every time I cried and cried because I thought it was too hard that I would never get the hang of being a mom, yet here I am a whole year later. Sleep deprived, less showers taken, sharing of all my food, eating cold food, not wearing any makeup and throwing a ball cap on and calling it a day as we head to the grocery store, it has all been worth it and I would not trade any of those things or the thousands of diapers or boogers for anything.  Over this last year, I have grown so much, as a wife, sister, friend, daughter and mom. I always thought I knew how I would feel when I had a baby of my own, but oh boy, was I ever wrong! I feel that way, but multiplied by a million trillion. She has shown me so much in her short time with me; such as grace, patience, love, peace, and  boundaries to name a few. 



Today she is one whole year. And today is her day. I want her to know that I have loved her since day one of meeting her on that little screen in Greenville at the midwifery, that I have prayed for her daily ever since, sometimes more than once during my day as I go about daily life. I promise to always be her biggest fan, her loudest cheerleader, her support, her shoulder to cry on, and the one person she can always confide in without judgement.  I hope she knows that my love runs so deep, that she has made me a better person, a more laid back person since she graced our world. My hope for her is that she will always strive to love those who are not like her, to be compassionate, to be respectful, to take the world by storm, but doing it with grace and humility. To always greet anyone she meets with her big, infectious smile. To always know, no matter what, she is perfect, she is child of God, that she is a crown jewel; that she has made not only this world more beautiful, but my whole world as well. I am so excited to see her grow into a little lady, and I will treasure every moment she and I have together as mother and daughter. I pray that she will live her life to the fullest, to know that we are never promised tomorrow and that we should do all things for the Lord. I pray that she never gives up on her hopes and dreams, and that she will work hard and fervently towards her goals. I pray that she will pursue a relationship with Christ and have a strong faith always.  I pray that she always knows that her momma and daddy love her no matter what.


As I sit here, staring at her newborn photo on my wall, I tear up a little knowing that my baby is moving on into toddler-hood, and though it makes me sad, it makes me happy to have spent this last year growing with her. I am so thankful for her, more than I can hardly express. I would love to go scoop her up and snuggle her, but we all know that it is a bad idea to wake a sleeping baby! So when she wakes in the morning, you better bet that I will smother her in kisses and love her so tight, all while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Here’s to my sweet girl, my baby, EvaJean. I love you, Happy Birthday.