Meet the Beaches | Kaitlyn + Justice | Wedding | 2018

The best day ever, is how Kaitlyn described her wedding to me while planning the photography for her big day. And sure enough she was right. The day was so romantic yet modest. I could tell right off the bat that Kaitlyn and Justice were a fun pair; very go with the flow and laidback.

Their wedding ceremony took place at a beautiful gazebo in Santee, South Carolina; decorated in beautiful sunflower arrangements and adorned with rows of white chairs. The ceremony was both sweet and intimate; the two exchanged vows, rings and tied a unity knot in front of family and friends.

We headed back to Justice’s parent’s home where their outdoor tent reception took place. Lights were strung across the open area and lit up the reception tables and dance floor; sunflowers and rose arrangements decorated the tables with tea light candles. It was the perfect, classic set up.

After the bridal party was announced, Kaitlyn and Justice went into their first dance, and Kaitlyn surprised their guests by singing Carrie Underwood’s “Look at Me” while she and Justice embraced one another. The song was such a special touch to this wedding day, and Kaitlyn sang it beautifully. (I may have teared up just a little bit during this moment.) Kaitlyn danced with her sweet Poppa and Justice danced with his beautiful mother. The reception went off without a hitch, lots of fun, dancing, eating and drinking, cake cutting and champagne popping,  plenty of good times were to be had for sure!

Kaitlyn’s poppa had a special speech for the newlyweds and I’d lie if I said it wasn’t the most heartfelt thing I’ve heard at any wedding. The love he and Kaitlyn share is very special and dear.

The whole day from beginning to end was magically perfect. Kaitlyn and Justice have so much love and support between their two families and that alone is one of the biggest treasures when uniting in marriage.

Thank you both for including me as a part of your best day ever! 

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