Meet Alice | Fresh 48 | McLeod Clarendon | 2019

I know a number of individuals who patiently waited to meet this precious girl. Alice made her debut just a few days past her due date on May 14th at McLeod Clarendon in Manning, South Carolina. You guys, she is the most precious baby girl, and she is definitely her momma’s baby. I am so glad that I got to meet her sweet little self just a few short hours after her arrival. These first few days, as any parent knows, go by so fast. These little details change very quickly, and before you know it, you have a 5 year old heading off to kindergarten.

Fresh48 sessions are a good opportunity to capture photos of your new bundle of joy if you aren’t wanting brith photography. I come into the hospital (or home if you had a home birth) to photograph the cute little baby details, from the tiny yawns, itty bitty fingernails, and button nose. I always try to incorporate mom and dad as well, as a new family of three. These sessions are meant to be intimate between mom and dad, new baby and occasionally siblings.

Will and Danielle definitely won the baby lottery when they had Alice. Take a look at a my favorite Fresh48 images from their session.