Meet the Bride | Brianna

Meet one of my August brides, Brianna! Prior to her wedding day, we ventured to Beaufort, South Carolina, my hometown, and shot her bridal portraits. We made four separate stops around town, starting at the beautiful Beaufort Inn. A charming, boutique style bed and breakfast in historic downtown Beaufort. The Beaufort Inn is known for its pink, two story exterior, perfect green gardens, verandas, fountains and more, located on Port Republic Street. It made the perfect background for these bridal portraits. 

Our next stop was an open area, alongside Bay Street, shaded by huge oaks, that over looked the marina and the beautiful Broad River. This spot made the perfect location, with the oaks perfectly draped in southern Spanish moss. Since this particular spot sits right on the main street into downtown, Brianna was greeted with many honks and waves of congratulations! 

Our second to last stop was along the Spanish Moss Walking Trail that actually stretches 10 miles throughout Beaufort. It is such an amazing little piece of Beaufort that allows the locals and visitors to enjoy the many sites this tiny town has to offer; whether by foot, bike, skateboard and more! We stopped off Hermitage Rd and made use of an old depot station, and let me just say, the lighting was amazing in this little gem. One of Brianna's portraits actually reminded me of the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring by 17th century Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer (Art History minor right here!)  

And, last but not least, we did scoot on over to Paris Island where her husband to be, Ryan, was at marine boot camp. We took a few portraits in front of the  Paris Island Marine Corp sign. These were especially special since Ryan would be graduating just 3.5 weeks later! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Brianna and her mom, as we made our way around Beaufort. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to capture these portraits. With a beautiful bride and beyond perfect location, I expected nothing less! 

Show Brianna some love and a few words of encouragement as she becomes a new bride. <3