Meet Eleanor | Newborn 2018

Newborn In home Lifestyle Simple Session

I am a little behind on my blogs, so what better way to jump back into the swing of things then with a precious newborn?! I typically shoot more lifestyle newborn sessions, around the house or nursery, but with baby Eleanor we went a different route. I did come to her home, but we did wraps and simple poses. We actually shot this entire session in the middle of the families living room floor. They have a huge open room with a large window that let in the perfect amount of soft window light. 

I still consider myself a beginner with newborn photography, but I am educated in newborn photography safety. Simple posing (instead of composited photos and intricate posing) with newborns allows me to still photograph these sweet fleeting moments, but with a more laid back approach. I love to incorporate mom, dad and siblings if able, especially when baby wants some quick snuggles to calm down in order to drift back off to sleep. I usually bring along some wraps or blankets to incorporate as well, unless mom has specific items she wants to use. 

Eleanor was so precious, she snoozed away as her momma and I chatted. Big brother, Luke, got in on the action too! And boy does he love his baby sister. He was so gentle with her and gave her lots of sugars and never complained once! Check out this session below and leave some love on my blog!

Newborn In home Lifestyle Simple Session
Brother and Sister newborn portrait session