Meet the Narduzzis | Alyssa + Jon | The Cabin at Old Spur | 2019

The Cabin at Old Spur was such a gorgeous back drop for Alyssa and Jon’s September wedding and the first wedding for my Fall 2019 season! It was the perfect wedding to dive into after a short break. The day was literally so laid back and easy going, we remained on time for each timeline event and even got ahead of schedule at one point; which very rarely happens. (It’s okay if your day doesn’t run this smoothly, its seriously not the norm! haha!) The gorgeous details, encompassing beautiful pinks and blues, were some of my favorite. I love when the florist has extra little sprigs of florals or greenery to help tie in all the pretty little details from the day. Sharon and Bobbi of Southern Wedding Decor did a phenomenal job on all of the bouquets, boutonnieres and other arrangements throughout the venue.

If you know Alyssa, you may know that she has a ton of talent when it comes to make up application, she did her own make up for her wedding day, and it was flawless. I actually overheard a conversation during the wedding where one of the guests was discussing when Jon first met Alyssa, and when showing his friends her instagram, he mentioned her amazing make up skills. I love when brides use their own talents during their wedding days, it’s such a joy to see them showcase what they love to do.

I love emotion and reaction. I enjoy seeing all the different “oohs and ahhs” throughout the day. I always hope that the groom will have a great reaction for when he finally sees his bride ascending the aisle, and Jon definitely was wowed by Alyssa. I love seeing and capturing those first few exchanges between the bride and groom, it’s almost as if everyone else disappears in those few short seconds. I have photographed many weddings, and I have seen different forms of unity ceremonies; such as a sand ceremony, unity candle, the building of a unity cross and the watering of a tree. Alyssa and Jon took a different approach with the tying of the knot. I, personally, had not seen this rendition of the knot, and it was so pretty, especially combined with the words from Pastor Ronnie Morris. The ceremony was sweet and sincere and perfect in every way.

My second favorite reaction during the wedding day is when the brie and groom enter into the reception area and all of their guests applaud and cheer. The guests all love on the bride and groom, and there is always so much fun and excitement going on. It’s even better when coupled with an amazing DJ like DJ Howie D. The whole evening, the dance floor stayed busy, lots of fun ballads and line dances. And who wouldn’t have a fabulous time at this reception since Huck and Grace Catering and Events put together the best taco bar I have seen at wedding! From tacos to churros, and even margaritas, this unique spin on a wedding reception dinner was delicious! Tacos are literally the best and I was stoked to hear that Alyssa and Jon decided to go nontraditional.

It was such a perfect day! Check out their beautiful day below and leave these sweet newlyweds some wise words for a long and lasting marriage.